Noel Wallace



Noel’s background in aviation started at a very young age when the Canadian Government built the Springbank Airport on his neighbors farm in 1969.  “As soon as I saw those airplanes, I was like a moth driven to a porch light.    That was me, the young kid on his bike you saw in the north ditch on the approach to runway 34 watching the airplanes landing overhead. "  


Noel started flying lessons at age 16 and obtained his Commercial Pilot’s License later at age 18 and spent several years flying pipeline patrols, corporate charters and medivacs accumulating 6300 hrs of flying experience in Western Canada.     Later he combined an interest in radio broadcasting and flying and spent several years as a Calgary Traffic Reporter/Pilot with several Calgary radio stations using the on-air handle Commander Cody.    In the most recent years Noel has been involved with a couple of local Calgary Air Charter companies in the capacity of sales and charter operations.  

Noel’s passions include his dogs and collecting aviation and space models and artifacts through his website.    Always a kid at heart,  you will still occasionally find him sitting in the north ditch at Springbank watching airplanes.